The screensaver
that mines
to help people
change the world

How it works

After installing the screensaver, every time you are away from your computer, it starts mining cryptocurrency (virtual coins that are converted into real money) for the Change.org Foundation

Mining means that your computer will help process cryptocurrency transactions, earning small fractions that will be ultimately donated to our organization. A totally secure and easy way to help.
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About change.org

Change.org Foundation is the largest social change platform, working to empower people all across the globe. Through our digital tools, we allow everyone everywhere to create the change they want to see in the world. A victory is achieved every hour on several issues, such as Health, Human Rights, Education, Environment and countless others.

We embrace openness and neutrality, keeping our community free from political, religious or economic interests. Our purpose is to serve our users well – they are the ones who currently sustain our platform through donations and by joining our membership programs.